Patios de Córdoba 2022, the event you can never miss

It is said that after the storm there is always calm, so we are happy to know that this year we will be able to enjoy one of the most special events that exist. Welcome to the Patios de Córdoba 2022.

When are the Patios of Córdoba 2022?

And it is that there is only 1 month left for the most beautiful date of the year in Córdoba, they will be from May 3 to May 15. A perfect date, which we always look forward to.

What are the Patios of Córdoba?

The festival of the Patios de Córdoba is considered one of the World Heritage Sites os Córdoba, and in addition our city is the only one in the world that has 4 World Heritage Sites 🙂

How lucky we are! These 4 World Heritage Sites are: The Patios, The Mosque-Cathedral, Medina Azahara and the Historic Center of Córdoba.

Where can i enjoy the Patios of Córdoba 2022?

The Patios that are visited during this festival are scattered throughout the city, and have several prominent locations:

  • Barrio del Alcázar Viejo, the most characteristic, which is located between the Alcázar and the Parroquia de San Basilio
  • Santa Marina neighborhood
  • Around the San Lorenzo neighborhood
  • Magdalena neighborhood
  • In the surroundings of the Mosque-Cathedral, in the Jewish Quarter, such as the Palacio de Viana, which has 5 centuries and 12 patios inside, it is a marvel

What is the schedule to enjoy the Patios of Córdoba 2022?

Visiting hours will be between 11am and 2pm, and from 6pm to 10pm., except on the last day when they would close at 8.30pm.

Other useful information

In the Patios that are appointed to the contest, there will be a plate with a QR code through which the Patio can be viewed in video and 360-degree photos.

We are waiting for you at one of the most special parties of the year, check availability in our accommodation, and if not, you can also come and enjoy a breakfast, easy brunch, lunch, wine tasting or pizza workshop 🙂

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