The typical plates of Cordoba, you need to try them all

Do you come to enjoy Cordoba? In one of your visit for sure you would like to try the culinary customs, that’s why you can’t miss note ven one of the typical plates of Córdoba.

The Salmorejo, without doubt one of the best typical plates of Córdoba

What does it have so special that all the world love it? Tomatoes, bread, garlic, Extra Virgin Olive Oil.. and recently we are assisting to many innovations like they do in the Salmoreteca, where we can taste different kind of salmorejo.. you need to try it, taste it and enjoy it and we garantee you that you will want it again and again.

Luckily in Cordoba there are plenty of corners where you can delight this amazing plate. How do posaderos like it? The classic one, with ham and chopped boiled egg.

The Flamenquin

Have you ever tried the classic Flamenquin? It is another typical and essential plate of Córdoba, an authentic wonder for the 5 senses. Like all the classic plates it has been innovated and you can find different versions from the original one. For us the classic one is the best (-;

Rabo de Toro, one of the most complete plates

The Rabo de Toro is another typical plate of the cordovan gastronomy. May be this plate doesn’t have the good taste as the salmorejo but try it, it is a tradition, and tell us if you liked it and where you ate it, even if when you come to Córdoba we will tell you the best places for us to eat it.

typical plates of Córdoba

Seashells, the favourite aperitive

The seashells are a classic in Córdoba, a tradition, you can’t delight it all year long but in this period of time you can find a place to eat them in each corner of the town.

Anchovies in vinegar

Another of the aperitives that you can’t miss in Córdoba, an easy plate that is amazing to taste with your favourite drink. If you want to cook it at home it is important always to freeze before cooking them.

Do you have any favourite plates? These are the typical plates we like most but there are much more (-:

Enjoy it!

Pictures from: cordopolis, taberna2punto0