The best recipe of the world, authentic Cordovan Salmorejo (-:

For sure during your visit to Córdoba you heard about gastronomy, before coming you looked for the typical dishes and all the ones you need to try if you come and the main dish is the authentic cordovan salmorejo.

But which is the original recipe and when I leave Córdoba how can I cook it? Is there en extra secret?
Today we would like to introduce you the authentic salmorejo recipe of Córdoba, at least the authentic cordovan salmorejo recipe of the posaderos, a recipe that we enjoy and cook it with much love.

authentic Cordovan Salmorejo

Ingredients of authentic Cordovan Salmorejo

• 1 kilo of ripe tomatoes, if possible pear tomato mixed to pink tomato.
• 130/150 grams of bread, no matter if not the day before, we will give you a trick for authentic cordovan salmorejo to make it delicious.
• 1 small garlic or half if large. In this way you escape the unpleasant feeling that hours after repeated. One trick, take out the small root that has garlic.
• 20 grams of apple cider vinegar or balsamic.
• 150 grams of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and if ecological and Cordovan, much better.
• 1 small teaspoon salt, if possible Himalayan or unrefined.

The quality of the ingredients is fundamental to get the real salmorejo and dazzles those who can down, but also influences its preparation.

aceite de oliva virgen extra para el auténtico salmorejo cordobés

Preparation of the authentic Cordovan Salmorejo

  • First of all wash tomatoes and cut them in small pieces, accompanied by garlic, with the Thermomix with all the skin and everything to not lose any of their vitamins and nutrients.
  • Mix the crushed tomato with salt and then dipped bread into tomato and leave it for a few minutes soaking.
  • After this time, add the vinegar and mix well grind until there are no lumps and bread is crushed to complete.
  • Go adding extra virgin olive oil slowly while still grinding to extend its flavor throughout the mixture and there are no lumps, this step does not take much power, just a lot of patience and love.

Accompaniment and presentation:

  • Before or while you were doing the gazpacho, you may have put to cook two eggs, preferably organic, then chop them and put them as accompaniment.
  • A good serrano ham is the key to an irresistible finishing touch, chop it with much love, no one will resist this delicious accompaniment.

Finally, and as a suggestion, you could attach it for a full meal, an exquisite and irresistible omelette.
Do you dare to do it? Do you have a secret? Send us the result 🙂
Córdoba is unique, as its authentic cordovan salmorejo.

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