Why do we love so much our Patio del Posadero?

We try to reflect the love we feel for our Patio del Posadero every day and in every moment, and it has really been a dream come true to put it into practise since we began to dream the idea several years ago…

But we really have a secret that is what drives us, which causes that every day we fall in love again, like fifteen years old, to be able to be in the Patio del Posadero and breathe affection in the environment.

The secret, among others, is the human team with whom we share every day, with whom we work together for a common project, all essential, and without which this reality would not be possible.

equipo del Patio del Posadero

The members of the human team of Patio del Posadero

  • You already know some of the members, for sure Lisa and Jose, we both are the soul of the Patio, the restless minds that create this wonderful project, which gives us life every day, which enamored us at every step…
  • Paloma is person who will welcome you with the best of her smiles, she will be at the reception whenever you need, to advise you, to help you or just to offer you a chat on the marvelous Cordoba.

Patio del Posadero equipo humano

  • Toñi, this member of the team, important as all the others, is responsible of the cleaning details and order, what would we do without her and her wonderful energetic spirit!

For sure the big secret of the Patio del Posadero are all the people that pass from here, that leave a mark in each of our hearts and trust each of us, because without them the dream would not have become true.

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From here, thanking our entire staff, and we hope that we keep fulfilling dreams every day, it is what makes us happy and trust that the choice we made to settle in Cordoba was one of the best thungs we have done.

There ir nothing like a great team to get the challenges that you propose, it is the best way to achieve it, and we would say almost the only one, to feel at ease in each moment.

Do you want to tell us something? Any suggestions from our team or something to help us improve? We always receive everything with open arms!

Patio del Posadero is waiting for you to make your dreams come true.  

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