Game of Thrones in Córdoba

We are in love with Cordoba and there is no doubt but apparently we are not the only ones, the capital as the province are becoming fashionable.

Why from the 4th until the 16th of November Game of Thrones will take place in Córdoba? Today we are going to give you all the answers.

Juego de Tronos en Córdoba

Why did they choose to film Game of Thrones in Córdoba?

If you want to know the reasons here we are going to list them:

1. The Castle of Almodóvar del Rio is one of the most important at national level. For its history, different cultures, its conservation and of course for its authentic wonder.
2. The strategic place of the Castle of Almodóvar is unique, it has a wonderful view from any of its high corners with a wide view to control the enemy so you can imagine why the the Game of Thrones series choose it as a stage for the sequences of its seventh season.
3. The condition of the castle seems to be almost intact, with this ancient and phantasmagoric feeling but as the time hasn’t passed for its structure, it has survived from wars and complex situations and it is an authentic gift to have the chance of enjoing it in this way.
4. Why did they choose Andalucía again for filming a series of such importance at international level? Just beacause the region in which Córdoba is situated is perfect, in Andalucia they can meet all kind of scenery, from the coast up to the mountains, historic monuments of other eras which are preserved in perfect condition.. and so on!

Castillo de Almodóvar del Río

Do you think there are not enough reasons for those who has to film the Game of Thrones in Córdoba?
And furthermore what we like most is that it is only 20 minutes away from Córdoba so if you are thinking about visiting this marvelous scenery don’t miss it!
Remember that from the 4th to the 16th of november the Castle of Almodóvar del Rio will be closed for filming but after this days you can visit it, don’t doubt it, you will love it.
Córdoba’s got something special, without any doubt, so if you would like to visit this wonderful town and its province book one of our four rooms and enjoy life and travelling.