Córdoba in Azahar, a project that you will love

Without any doubts spring has its own name and is called Córdoba, it is the most wonderful season to live in the city, and that is why today we want to tell you about a wonderful project that takes place from the 1st to 30th of April: Cordoba in Orange blossom, Córdoba in Azahar

What is Córdoba in Azahar?

It is a project of the town that try not to forget the connection between the Azahar (orange blossom) and Córdoba, one of the identifying signs of the city and make it unique and indescribable, special and unforgettable.

Sometimes we take for granted that the orange blossom and its opening is something typical of Córdoba and we forget to celebrate it.

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How can we celebrate Córdoba in Azahar?

Throughout the month of April, and for the second consecutive year, you can enjoy Cordoba in orange blossom looking for the city in different ways:
Send the Azahar physically
Send the Azahar digitally, as we are digitally well connected we need to have the chance to send an orange blossom in this way as well (-;
Workshops with flowers, spring is without doubt the season of the flowers and there is nothing like celebrating Córdoba in azahar with the real characters
Activities of Azahar which will pervade you of its smell, colour, its sensation… Pervade yourself of Córdoba!

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flor de azahar

What contribute Córdoba in Azahar to?

The basis of such a beautiful event is to spread Córdoba as a city of flowers, as a destination of flower culture. And in this frame, enter innumerable activities own of the city like:

  • Patios of Córdoba
  • Saint Week
  • Crosses of May, as well as everything that brings us the month of May in Córdoba
  • Ancestral sensitivity and tradition of the city of Córdoba to this flower culture

With all this disclosure, we will shake hands with other cities in which the culture of the flower is also latent always:

  • Kyoto (Japan)
  • Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
  • Brussels, Belgium)
  • Nantes (France)
  • London, United Kingdom)
  • Medellin (Colombia) 

In times when weapons are the main characters in different areas of the world, spreading the flowers and their peace is one of the best things we can do for us and for those who will come.

Are you coming to enjoy Cordoba in orange blossom in April? Although any time of year is good, do not forget that spring has a name and it is Córdoba (-: