Patios of Córdoba 2017, ley yourself fall in the magic!

From the 2 nd to the 14 th of May you can enjoy one of the biggest festivals in May, enjoy for two weeks the Patios de Córdoba 2017 and fall in love with the city in all its splendor.

Next, we will give you all the details of the Patios de Córdoba 2017 so you can enjoy them to the fullest.

Where can you enjoy the Patios of Córdoba 2017?

You can enjoy the Patios in different zones distributed throughout the city:

Alcázar Viejo (or Barrio de San Basilio): in this neighborhood is the origin of the Patios, where are some of the most emblematic that exist. In it you will find ten Patios to enjoy.

Judería: between Judería and San Francisco you will be able to find seven enclosures in which to live and to delight you with the Patios.

San Francisco

Santa Marina: this neighborhood and San Agustín are the most beautiful of the Patios de Córdoba, come to the «Rincon de las Beatillas» Tavern, one of the most special corners.

San Agustin

San Lorenzo: one of the areas that concentrates more spaces of Patios de Córdoba. In it you will find many places to enjoy good traditional Cordoba cuisine.

Realejo-Regina: one of the most unknown areas of the city but the most beautiful, we recommend (-:

San Pedro and Santiago: one of our neighborhoods, where you will fall in love with all its streets, its corners and, of course, the Patios that you can visit … and what to say remains of the gastronomy in this area … you have a wide variety, For all palates (-:

Flores primavera 2017

What other activities can I do besides visiting the Patios?

The Festival of the Patios of Córdoba 2017 gives you many experiences, not only to visit the show offered by the Patios itself, but other wonderful activities:

  • Competition of Gratings and Balconies: it is celebrated in the same dates, and you can give a walk through the city to discover them, they are spectacular. Lose yourself for: Diego Méndez, Hermanos López Diéguez, Martin de Rosa, Pastora and Postrera.
  • The Other Patios: there are other Patios, which although they do not compete, they dress in their best galas so you can enjoy them too, this year will be about 12 and in some you can enjoy cultural activities, we recommend: Archaeological Museum and Museum of Fine Arts .
  • Other activities during 2 weeks that you cannot miss: concerts, flamenco, … in Turismo of Córdoba you can check every day.

Do not miss Cordoban May, do not miss the Patios de Córdoba 2017 and enjoy every day full of magic (-:

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