Recipe for the Apple cake, wonderful autumn cake

Autumn, the leaves fall, the season changes, the temperature begins to go down … we love this period of time and living it in Córdoba even more. Today we bring you a recipe for apple cake to enjoy autumn much more.
They say that this season is a sad time for colours but we particularly love it and we think it is a time of renewal, so we also modified our recipes and chose new desserts with typical autumn fruit, in this case apple.
Try to make this delicious apple cake recipe and always remember to tell us what the result is (-:

What ingredients do you need?

125 grams of brown sugar
125 grams of butter
3 eggs
200 grams of flour
15 grams of yeast
1 spoon of milk
1 foot grated lemon, this touch is essential for a delicious result
500 grams of apples
Cinnamon and powdered sugar to taste, as a finishing touch.

recetas otoñales

How do you cook it?

Mix everything and cook in the oven for 45 minutes at 180 degrees.
Before cooking it in the oven don’t forget to sprinkle sugar and cinnamon.
Give a different touch to your breakfast, a sweet but healthy and nutritive touch because apples have health benefits.

Why are Apples good for your health?

It is allied to satiety, so it is recommended if you want a healthy diet
It helps keep healthy your teeth
It is very rich, healthy and usually everyone likes it, ideal to incorporate into your sweets or dishes
It prevents cardiovascular diseases
It helps digestion
It improves memory

Need more reasons to make this apple cake? This recipe reminds us of the wonderful Asturian cider and our last summer holiday, did you know that cider is extracted from the fermentation of apple juice? it can be a good combination: a slice of apple cake with a glass of cider (-;