History of Medina Azahara, reasons to visit it

It is well known the Mosque of Córdoba, in previous occasions we told you its history and all the reasons to visit it but if you really want a full immersion of Córdoba you need to know the history of Medina Azahara, visit it and fell in love with each of its corners.
The history of Medina Azahara begins by knowing its meaning, which means “bright city”, Abderraman III thought and built it, he wanted to show his power through this palatine city, located with orientation to Sierra Morena and to only 8 kilometers of Córdoba capital.

Recorrido por la Historia de Medina Azahara de Córdoba

History to Medina Azahara: an homage to love

Legends are protagonists in Córdoba and it is said that the story of Medina Azahara, as well as its construction, is due to the homage that Abderramán III wanted to do to his wife Azahara, the great creations and works always have an ode to love behind. Great structures have been erected in the name of love. There are also beliefs that it was built for religious-political reasons, and apparently these arguments have more weight, but we prefer to think that it is a tribute to love (-:

From the 1923 the wonderful archaeological set is Good of Cultural Interest and as you may have deduced it, dates back to the Califal epoque of Córdoba during the reign of Abderramán III.

Experts have classified Medina Azahara as a privileged place, its location was perfectly analyzed to be a true earthly paradise.

Throughout recent history, Medina Azahara has had different restorations to improve its state of preservation, and in 2009 a Museum of Medina Azahara was inaugurated to give a greater relevance to this historical group that has great relevance to understand the history of our city.

In many occasions the Mezquita of Córdoba takes all the protagonism but without a doubt Córdoba has much more to discover and it is considered that if you visit the Mezquita but do not visit Medina Azahara it is as if the visit were incomplete because the global vision of the Califal time is awarded by both sets.

Do you dare to discover all the wonders of the palatine town? Do you know any history of Medina Azahara that captivated you? Share it and also, if you want, spread this post to keep the story alive.

Córdoba is unque (-:

Images from: Medina Azahara