Flamenco Mornings in Córdoba, enjoy it in November

If you are a flamenco lover and you would like to enjoy it in a special way today we are going to talk about a wonderful event, the flamenco mornings in Córdoba, an experience that you will remember, the town is one of the best cradles of the art of flamenco.

The one that was the ancient inn of the Pony that nowaday it operates as the Centro de Flamenco Fosforito which hosts this marvelous event of the purest flamenco in Córdoba.
It also has a great timetable so you can visit the town in a unique way.

disfrutar del flamenco en Córdoba

From october they celebrate the IX edition of this event which will putt he gloden booch the next 27th of november and every sunday of november you can enjoy the Flamenco mornings show, a special way to live the sunday of Córdoba, isn’t it?

The events that will take place every sunday of november will be at 12am, the perfect time after a deserved rest, an homemade breakfast to regain strength and a walk through the historic center of Córdoba before enjoying the best flamenco.

In this event you can find world renowned artists of flamenco and even if some of the events have already past, here you can find all the performances you can enjoy:

• María Morales (23 october)
• Marta Guillén (30 october)
• Álvaro Martín (6 november)
• Milagros Salazar (13 november)
• Alfonso León (20 november)
· Miguel de Tena (27 de noviembre)

flamenco en Córdoba

What is a Flamenco Mornings like in Córdoba?

It is an event that we love because it combines the sacred art of veteran artists with the early stages of emerging flamenco artists who want to gain a foothold in what they are most passionate about.

Isn’t it amazing? An awesome opportunity for all lovers of good flamenco, an initiative that surely serves to publicize great promises of flamenco, do you come to discover with us?
We love it and for this reason we include it in our diary of Córdoba as an event that can’t be missed.

We will be alert for the 10th edition of the Flamenco Mornings in Córdoba not to miss anything and let you know the news (-;
Córdoba is unique.