Patio del Posadero, first Boutique Hotel in Córdoba mentioned by Michelin Guide

We celebrated our 9th birthday and the best gift we could have was to be included in the careful selection of the Michelin Guide, as a recommended boutique hotel in Córdoba.


Patio del Posadero anniversary

Specifically, as Córdoba’s First Michelin Guide Boutique Hotel, we couldn’t be happier!

The Michelin Guide has recently inaugurated a section of hotel recommendations, in which only establishments that meet the quality levels sought and offered by the most famous guide in the world are classified.

Patio del Posadero in Michelin Guide

We are artisans of well-being, we are passionately dedicated to our life project because, honestly, we love it, and this is a milestone that we have achieved thanks to our daily sacrifice and work.

Happiness Architects

And why are we Happiness Architects?

  • Breakfasts, brunch and lunch made with love, with local and eco products and prepared in our kitchen every day.
  • 6 rooms, made with an exclusive design, taking care of even the smallest detail, and respecting the essence of the original building, a 15th century Cordoban patio house.
  • Personalized attention, in which we dedicate a long time to each check-in to talk to you about our favorite city and explain to you at each breakfast or brunch what you are tasting and why we have chosen some products and not others.

It is a pride and a tremendous honor to have been one of the few selected to complete the gastronomic experience of maximum relevance such as those of Paco Morales, Kisko García and Periko Ortega, among other fantastic chefs that the city of Córdoba offers.

You already know that with our beloved Periko we have an exquisite collaboration and you can enjoy the Patio del Posadero and ReComiendo experience with this wonderful gift card.

boutique hotel in Córdoba

What is the Michelin Guide?

In August 1900, this French guide of international repercussion was born, which was included to facilitate the trips of that time and which now represents a reference with recommendations for the person looking for recommendations of a destination, so it is a project that accompanies travelers and that the places they recommend meet certain requirements and respond to certain expectations.

And now… you have to come and enjoy our corner and we need to emphasize how grateful we are for such recognition, because everything is thanks to the people who have visited us, who have chosen us and who continue to do so every day.

We are not hoteliers, we are happiness architects

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