Visiting Córdoba as a couple, a wonderful experience

Paris is famous to be the city of love, but if we inquire a little we realize that Córdoba offers us as many possibilities as Paris to celebrate love, to visit it as a couple and enjoy its enchantment, the city where many loves were made. Visiting Córdoba as a couple is amazing.


  •  Arabic baths of Cordoba: a place to disconnect, to give you a whim, to relax and enjoy the spell of the city. We recommend that in your visit to Cordoba you book an appointment with the bathrooms and surprise your partner (-:
  • Cordoba Segway: if you want to live a different experience, you can book an appointment with Cordoba Segway, to discover the city in another way, to visit Cordoba as a couple with a touch of adventure and fun.
  • A walk through the Jewish Quarter: get lost in its streets and alleys, its scents and corners, which invite you to a kiss in every corner, for the most in love (-:

These three plans are essential in your visit to Cordoba, although on your arrival at the Patio Del Posadero we will recommend everything you need to surprise you. In addition, if you specify, you can ask for special details for your stay at the Inn, to visit Cordoba as a couple, we will surprise you with wonderful details, so that the spark comes on, so that you fall in love again like the first day.

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At Patio del Posadero you can request from petals, to champagne, fruit, chocolates, special decoration focused on romanticism. And if it is your Honeymoon, at your arrival the inkeepers will have a surprise prepared for you (-:

Córdoba Spain for couples

We love Love! Love is what has made us choose Córdoba as a city to make our dream come true, love is our daily engine and love is the protagonist in this city, so visiting Córdoba as a couple is wonderful. In addition, love is the essential ingredient in each of our kisses.

Do you want us to make you a special romantic route? Do not hesitate to ask us, we will help you in everything, so you do not forget Cordoba ever.