The Mosque of Córdoba, world environmental reference

It is always a great pleasure to talk about the Mosque of Córdoba and even more when it is for reference at worldwide level, an example as the following.
The Mosque of Córdoba is one of the few worldwide monumental examples that uses only renewable energy, in its case a sustainable energy which is positive to the environment.
Thanks to this, the most spectacular wonder of Córdoba becomes a model like the Eiffel Tower of Paris or the Tower Bridge of London. It is a pride, isn’t it?

Mezquita de Córdoba, ejemplo de energías renovables

The Mosque of Córdoba, environmental examples

It is very important that places such as the Mosque of Córdoba put these initiatives into practice as it is a step towards extending them to the rest of the world.
The electric power from which the Mosque is supplied comes from different renewable energies: some of them are wind, hydroelectric or solar.

The Mosque of Córdoba was visited in 2015 by 1,676,000 people, a wonderful fact that we expect to increase every year.

Monumentos verdes del mundo
During these days we found out that Córdoba has been consolidated as the 7th favorite spanish destination of cultural tourism.

Without doubt this town is an example of culture and heritage, it doesn’t matter which period of the year you visit it, it always has a great plan in its timetable and we love it!
If you visit Córdoba you can’t miss the Mosque because you can’t understand Córdoba without this worldwide wonder. Don’t forget that Córdoba offers much more and it is waiting for you, it doesn’t matter in which period of time you choose to visit it and if the weather is hot don’t forget that there are a few wonderful corners to escape from the hot weather.
What is the reason why you felt in love with this town?

Córdoba is unique.