The best cheesecake recipe ever comes from Asturias

Travelling, as you know, is one of the best gifts that we could do to our health, to our life, to our happiness… The Posaderos particulary love travelling and getting to know new gastronomies, other recipes, and that’s why today we bring you one of those most captivated us recently, the best recipe of cheesecake we have ever tried.

This summer, as the warm weather was approaching to Córdoba, we decided to look for the freshness and charm of northern Asturias and therefore we chose it as a destination.
Rafal and Raquel were waiting for us overthere, guests of the Patio del Posadero. Rafa and his sister Maria decided to realize their dream, creating a wonderful hotel in Lastres, Asturias and we really wanted to visit it and since Rafa and Raquel came to our Patio they have been occupying a large part of our hearts.
All our entire stay overthere was unforgettable, we also met a couple friends of us who tried to spend all the time with us, showing us the authentic wonders and welcoming us with joy and hope.

The best cheesecake recipe

In addition, we could enjoy the five senses of each of the dishes that have in their Restaurant “Casa Eutimo” which with its 40 years of life remains one of the most recognized of all the Asturian coast and we witness it.
There, in that gastronomic corner, we met an endearing person and wonderful chef, Maria. She is the reason why we put on a few kilos because it was imposible not to enjoy a cheese platters, fish and a wonderful cheesecake that she was cooking every day with much love, always using ingredients of highest quality according to our beloved breakfast.
And of course this is the recipe we are going to introduce you today so you can try to cook it at home even if we recommend you to organize a trip to this marvelous hotel and visit the restaurant where Maria will delight you with one of each her recipes and with the best cheesecake recipe ever.

casa eutimo en Lastres Asturias

Ingredients of the best cheesecake recipe ever

For the basis:
• 35 units of digestive biscuits
• 150 grams of butter

For the custard:
• 450 grams of cheese spread
• 2 envelopes of curd royal
• 1 litre of cream
• 275 grams of sugar

Elaboration of the best cheesecake recipe ever

First of all let’s crush the biscuits with melted butter.
Then we distribute the cookie dough and butter in a pan and let it cool for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator.
As a third step we will mix it with cream cheese, sugar and curd and cook it until it comes almost to a boil, but this step must take special care because it is very easy to stick.
Then we pour the cream into the mold and let it cool for a whole night.
For the finishing touch, we serve the best cheesecake recipe ever with jam that we like.

Try to cook it and please, send us the results (-:
Don’t forget it, share the experiences, sharing is living.