How to make sweet potatos patties!

Happy friday! Another week to update our recipes, with typical cakes and great moments in the kitchen. For sure sometimes you wondered how to make sweet potatos patties, and for sure you will love them as we do. Today we will show you how to cook this sweet recipe at home.

What ingredients to use:

• Flour “La Carmita”
• Sesame
• Extra Virgin Oil
• Orange Peel
• Wine
• Sweet potato
• Sugar

La Carmita, (check out the history of this kind of flour, you may know it though ☺)
Jose will explain us how to do it. Nobody is going to resist to sweet potatos patties! Do you dare to do it?

How do you cook sweet potatos patties?

Here you can find the procedure step by step so you don’t miss any of them and you will find it easy to prepare:
• First of all boil the potatos in a pan without removing the shell.
• Wait until they are tender, cut out the peel and make a mash with them while they are still hot, helping yourself with a fork and let them cool down. In the meantime prepare the mass of the pasties.
• Make a mass with Carmita flour, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, sesame sedes, orange peel and a touch of wine. When everything is well mixed work on them creating small balls and put them on a baking tra, add sweet potato and close each of them carefully with fork obtaining the form of these rich sweet potato dumplings.
• Put them in the oven, preheated to 180 degrees, and leave until you verify that they have become gold.
• When ready, sprinkle sugar on top.

How to make sweet potatos patties

Wait for them to cool down and enjoy with a coffee or your favorite infusion. They are delicious!

Did you like this recipe? If you don’t like cooking it come for a few days in Córdoba and you can taste them at the Patio del Posadero.