Wine course in Córdoba with the best sommelier in Andalusia

We have the immense pleasure of presenting one of the most special activities that we are going to do in Patio del Posadero. Starting in January 2023, the wine course begins in Córdoba, led by the best sommelier in Andalusia.

What does the wine course in Córdoba consist of?

The wine course that we present to you today will be held in our Patio del Posadero room, and consists of a total of 10 sessions, which cannot be separated. All of them will be guided by Mara de Miguel, awarded as the best sommelier in Andalusia 2022.

When will the wine course in Córdoba be?

The dates are already closed and the sessions will take place in the months of January, February and March 2023, being Mondays at 7:00 p.m.:

January 2023:

January 16: Calibration of the palate

January 13: Learn to use the tasting cards

January 30: Whites versus reds I

February 2023:

February 6: Young Whites vs. Aging Whites

February 13: Young reds versus aged reds

February 20: Whites versus reds II

March 2023:

March 6: Initiation to blind tasting

March 13: Initiation to white wines blind tasting

March 20: Initiation to the blind tasting of generous “sherry” wines

March 27: Initiation to red wines blind tasting

In all sessions a minimum of 5 wines will be tasted.

What is the price of the wine course in Córdoba and how can I pay for it?

As it is a 10-session course that cannot be divided, it also has a single price of €480, which must be paid in advance in order to make your place reservation effective.

wine tasting in Córdoba

Who is Mara de Miguel?

Mara de Miguel has been selected as the Best Sommelier of Andalusia in this year 2022 and in 2020 she received the award from the Montilla-Moriles Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) Wine Regulatory Council as the best wine sommelier of the Cordoba region.

She is from Montilla by birth and she feels love for every smell, every texture and every wine that she recommends.

It will be a real pleasure to have her in our Patio in these 10 wonderful sessions, a unique opportunity that we recommend you not miss, because you will learn from one of the best guides that exist on the Spanish scene.

What more could you want?

Sign up and get one of the limited places that this wonderful wine course in Córdoba has: +34 957 94 17 33 or

It is not a house, it is not a hotel, it is Patio del Posadero

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