Posadero style Pancakes recipe

Often, after visiting our beloved Patio del Posadero, we are asking the besayunos recipes. Our dear friend Wendy Bullard asked us the recipe for pancakes of the Posadero and we said that it is posaderos’ because we gave our particular touch, like Posadero style Pancakes recipe.
It is a very special recipe because they are not entirely pancakes or entirely Frixuelos Asturianos, they are the perfect blend, a custom modification that we love. Do you dare to discover it?

One of the wonders of pancakes recipe is that you can cook it both with sweet and savory ingredients, as you prefer. Lisa loves for example with Nutella (-:

receta de frixuelos asturianos

This photo above corresponds to one of the most typical of Asturia’s sweets. We have our staff pancakes recipe that is what we bring you today but if you want to discover the original recipe of the Asturian Frixuelos you can also delight with this wonderful option because of tastes, there is nothing written (-;
The truth is that we have not yet met the perfect American Pancake recipe. Anyone can reccomend us other recipes? (-:

Ingredients for the pancakes recipe with Posadero style:

• 1 litres of milk
• 250 grams of flour
• 1 egg
• 20 grams of bakery yeast
• a pinch of salt

receta de pancakes americanos

Elaboration of the Posadero style Pancakes recipe:

• Mix all the ingredients in a blender or the Thermomix.
• Let it brew overnight in a refrigerator. And carefully with it, to let it raise don’t put too much in the container otherwise there will be a surprise the next day (-: We say this from experience because the first time we did it, we were flooded half of the dough (-;
• The next morning, the dough will be perfect to enjoy it.
• Every time you put dough it has to be on a pan that is soaked in oil and very hot, around and around and ready to be accompanied.

As I showed you, the recipe for pancakes can be accompanied with the ingredients you want, both sweet and salty.
Would you like to make it at home? This recipe for pancakes or the tenerina are both wonderful to enjoy cooking them for weekend breakfasts (-: