How are the night routes in Córdoba?

To answer the question “How are the night routes in Córdoba” we could say that they are simply wonderful but today we will talk in detail what your future holds if you visit Cordoba at night because it has a very special charm that can not be missed.
When the night falls in Córdoba there are plenty of possibilities, from doing it on your own, to get carried away or keep track and everything proposed by two wonderful initiatives that today we are going to recommend in detail (-;

Once upon a time Cordoba, discover what you didn’t know about the city of the three cultures

To describe “Once upon a time Córdoba” we need much more than you can imagine but we will tell you everything that comes from our heart. Once upon a time Córdoba composed a group of professionals, lovers of tourism and of course, of Córdoba and it shows in every activity they propose.
This tourism initiative proposes to night routes around Córdoba but also all kinds of events to let Córdoba becomes a city that people always want to return.

Getting to know Córdoba by night through stories of love, religion, executions or ghosts wil be unforgettable.

Córdoba de noche

The mysterious city, hidden in the shadows, night tours of Córdoba

If you like living adrenaline-pumping experiences the initiative of Mysterious Córdoba is what you are looking for (-;
Visit the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Philosophy or an overview of the city with haunted houses, legends, witchcraft is what will accompany one of the most interesting Córdoba routes.
If you’re still doubtful, friends of Mysterious Córdoba have the cooperation of the legendary Fourth Millennium program so for sure you will find reasons to get to know them.

 How are the night routes in Córdoba

Now that the mythical date of Halloween is coming, come to live in Córdoba and pay close attention to all proposals that make us both Friends Mysterious Córdoba such as “Once upon a time Córdoba” for sure it is a very different way to discover the city.
The night routes of Córdoba are also full of romance, and nothing like an evening stroll through the historic center of the city to fall in love even more, not only your partner, also for the city (-;

We look forward to see you in Córdoba, we wait for you with #HomeAndLove.