5 legends of Córdoba that will make you come back to visit it

More than 2,200 years of history, the passage of numerous civilizations and the culture of each one of them has made that the legends of Córdoba are very numerous.

Would like to know any of them? Today we are going to tell 5 of them we like the most.

Tunnel between the Mezquita and Medina Azahara

The legend talk about an underground tunnel between the Mezquita and Medina Azahara, through which the caliph was passing by horse from Medina Azahara to the Mezquita for his daily prayers. It is also known at the present time that it is unlikely that this tunnel exists, but many Cordovan people tell visitors as if it were true.

Star of the desires, one of the legends of Córdoba that will capture you

Next to Calle Torrijos, in the Mezquita of Cordoba takes place a star in the wall, a fossil. Everyone that touches it believes that it gives a special magic and asks for a wish that is supposed to be fulfilled. Legends that make our city even more special and magical.

leyendas de Córdoba, piérdete por ellas

Abrazamozas Street

The one that now is the calle de Valdés Leal was known as Calle Abrazamozas and the legend is about girl that walked in this street one night and a boy followed her until he wouldn’t let her pass unless she could give a hug to him. The girl told him that for her was dangerous but he insisted and when he hugged her he found the feel of cold bones beneath her clothes. Such was the impression that he fainted.

The legend of the crushed lovers

This time the legend tells about a widow mother and her son. One day he decided to take the small amount of money and food that his mother had to enjoy it with his beloved. The mother cried out to the sky for vengeance when her son left her with nothing. The young couple went in a place to shape the love and a wall fell down on them. When they found them the bodies were in position of lovers.

The origin of the Counts of Priego

The legend is about Don Fernan Alfonso, Lord of Belmonte, that was crazily in love with his wife Doña Beatriz de Hinestrosa.

His blind love did not make him realize that some cousins were betraying him. Refugees by kinship, one of them managed to overcome the resistance of the lady and established relationships, while his brother did the same with his waitress.

A butler, angry because of a dismissal he considered unfair, alerted the Lord of Belmonte and he decided to check if it was true before making any decision.

Don Fernan pretended to go hunting and when the night came he appeared unexpected surprising the lovers.

Seeing the spectacle of Dona Beatriz with her cousin, he killed both of them, as did the other Butler and waitress. After a few years, Don Fernan remarried and his descendants were the Counts of Priego and from there the origin.

Leyendas de Córdoba Origen Condes de Priego

Do you like it? There are a lot of legends to discover in Córdoba, amazing! Come to visit Córdoba! 

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