Enjoy the smallest hotel in Córdoba

Perfumes, details, air fresheners… an endless number of features that are included in small jars … because just today we come to talk about the smallest hotel in Córdoba. Yes, Patio del Posadero is the smallest charming lodging in the town, and in part we love it, because we look at the small details and being the smallest hotel in Córdoba also identified with our philosophy.

But how is the smallest hotel in Córdoba? What do you find in b&b in this way?

4 rooms, each of them different and exclusive

We only have 4 rooms, each of them with a unique and different perfume from each other, each of them very special, with its own style, so you can feel yourself as a unique one, so that you do not feel you go to a lodging without details, without mime, without soul.

We love personify each room and that is why each one has its own name, its own personality. Discover Spartum, Quelo, Laçur and Petra, they have much to teach you …

Bed&Breakfast Córdoba

Homemade breakfast, it is a small and cozy place

The feeling of peace and relax is something that we really appreciate, for sure it is the same for you, that is why the breakfast is amost a ritual to us, to start the day in a wonderful way with energy and good vibes.

With the breakfast in the smallest hotel of Córdoba we want you to feel like at home:

  • Smoothies
  • Toasts
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Homemade pastry
  • Your favorite coffee
  • A purifying infusion
  • Fresh and seasonal fruit
  • What your body and sould need to start the day

Hotel más pequeño de Córdoba

The smallest hotel in Córdoba is like my second home

The philosophy of life of the Patio del Posadero is “Share Experiences” because we love sharing experiences, chats and moments.. that is why we would like you to feel like at home, not a stranger but one more of the team of the posaderos… you deserve a rest, live the essence of Córdoba in a typical patio and all the magic that the town can transmit you which has been the capital of the Al-Andalus.

At the beginning we have also been strangers in Córdoba so we will tell you how we started to get to know it, which are our favorite corners and how you can squeeze the city… you will always want to go back, that’s for sure, because Córdoba makes you fall in love and is the love of the good ones.

Hotel más pequeño de Córdoba

We are the smallest hotel in Córdoba but we feel good with it, it makes us feel happy and we would like to transmit it. We have passion and love for having the opportunity to have this each day and we feel lucky.

We will wait for you at opened arms!