Ecological breakfast in Córdoba: taking care of you

There is a basic rule in food: what is good for your health is also good for the environment, and under this premise we offer our organic breakfast in Córdoba 🙂

We want to offer you to start the morning with energy, good vibrations, health and giving your body what suits it best, that’s why we take great care of our breakfast.

What can i enjoy in the ecological breakfast in Córdoba?

The ecological breakfasts in Patio del Posadero are an experience in themselves, because you will discover flavors, smells and texture to delight and enjoy:

We have an exquisite selection of the best EVOOs in the world, with Denomination of Origin and which are also from the province of Córdoba, a local product, and some of them are organic, and if they are not organic they are sustainable and careful in their extraction and manufacturing.
Breads and focaccia made by us every day, with the highest quality, organic and local flours, with seeds, with natural products such as beets, turmeric, with wonderful properties.
Local sausages and cheeses, with Denomination of Origin, authentic delicacies that will make an explosion of flavor on your palate.
Homemade sweets, made by the most wonderful confectioner, our dear Lisa, who makes them with love and using the best raw materials. Baked and made in the Patio del Posadero, without preservatives or dyes.
Homemade kefir and cold-pressed juices, so that they retain all their antioxidant properties. In addition, kefir is also made in the Patio, and we love to recommend it because it has wonderful properties for the intestinal flora, when you include it in your diet, you no longer want to do without it.
Coffees and infusions without intermediaries, of the highest quality and aware of the environment throughout the process of obtaining and transferring the coffee.

ecological breakfast in Córdoba

What types of breakfast can i enjoy in Patio del Posadero?

Tasting Breakfast:

The one that we always recommend, the most complete to live the Posadero experience at 100%, composed of:

Cold pressed natural juice
Homemade and artesian bread
Pedroches charcuterie board
Subbetica cheeseboard
Selection of EVOOs, organic and biodynamic
Homemade kefir
Homemade dessert
Yogurt with fruit and chia bowl
Coffee without intermediaries or bulk infusion


If you want to live our new concept, close to brunch, we offer you our Easybrunch, a true wonder for the 5 senses, and to enjoy gastronomy.

The easy brunch consists of:

Organic and seasonal fruit juice
Coffee without intermediaries or bulk infusion
Preparation of a special dish with offs, cheese/avocado, sausages, homemade bread and a fruit salad.
Homemade dessert made by the Posaderos
Cava cup

You sign up? You can book the day before calling us at +34 957 94 17 33, by WhatsApp at +34 693 561 270 or by email at

Breakfast time and easy brunch time is from 09am to 1pm

Are you coming to enjoy the Posadero concept for breakfast? You can also by them as a gift card on our website.

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