Covid Free Hotel in Córdoba

We are looking forward to tell you many news, since the state of alarm was decreed in our country, we have not stopped thinking and reinventing ourselves so that, on our return, everything would be the
best possible, both for us and for you.

But we will start in parts, and today’s post is dedicated to the 5 main CovidFree Hotel in Córdoba measures that we have adopted in Patio del Posadero.

You sign up? Surely you really want to come and enjoy our little corner of Cordoba as we would like to have you at home (-:

Check in online at Patio del Posadero

Although it is true that we love to receive you and speak with you for a long time, now the main thing for us is to ensure your safety and also ours, for that reason, we have decided to check in online, this way you will only have to send us your Document before your arrival at and it will not be necessary to stop at the reception, although we will always be available for everything you need.

Safety distance for breakfast, cocktails, drunch, brunch

Yes, we have a range of gastronomic experiences that is wonderful, but we want you to enjoy it with the maximum possible relaxation and well-being, therefore, we have established that there must be a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between tables and sofa in the main room and the terrace. In addition, our establishment has only 6 rooms and a maximum of 12 people to stay, so you will be in a very exclusive space.

On the other hand, and as a result of our reinvention we are creating intimate and personalized spaces. Are you coming to discover them?

Patio del Posadero aperitivo piscina

Tasting Breakfast, exclusivity and personalization

Our charming accommodation in Córdoba does not propose a buffet breakfast. Ours is served at the table, and it is a wonderful gourmet tasting breakfast, with organic products and the highest quality, in addition to being, the majority of them, homemade Cordovan production.

Thorough cleaning

Cleaning has always been fundamental for us and a hallmark, proof of this are all the evaluations that you can find in different forums and media, as well as on Social Networks.

With the current situation, we have reinforced and we place special emphasis, with Ozone Water and disinfectant.

Stable staff, human team

Patio del Posadero is the dream come true of a couple made up of Jose and Lisa, who decided to settle in Córdoba a few years ago.

Since Patio del Posadero was born in 2015 they put all their love and affection into it, that’s why they will always receive you with a smile and they will be happy to welcome you and help you in everything you need.

Do you want to live a relaxed vacation, in an exclusive and safe accommodation? We wait for you into the hidden Calleja del Posadero, in the heart of Córdoba but far from the madding crowd (-;

Stay safe, stay at Patio del Posadero (-: Covid free hotel in Córdoba