Breakfasts at Patio del Posadero: if you don’t have breakfast, it is like you would’t have stayed

Today we come to tell you all about the breakfasts at Patio del Posadero, a gastronomic experience without which your visit to our corner would be orphaned of flavor and meaning.

We insist so much that you should try and enjoy breakfasts, because we know that when you taste them … you will fall in love and enjoy an experience with the 5 senses.

breakfast at Patio del Posadero

What are the breakfasts at Patio del Posadero?

Some people consider breakfast the most important meal of the day, but regardless of its importance throughout the day, it is true that starting the day with an explosion of flavors and with products of the highest quality … should be almost mandatory.

Our breakfasts are so special that they adopted a new concept, kiss breakfast (Be-sayunos: besa + desayuno), because in them the star ingredient is LOVE, and nothing like doing a simile with one of the most significant signs of love such as the kiss.

breakfast at Patio del Posadero

What types of breakfasts are there?

Thinking about one of the moments of the day that we like the most, we have designed different breakfasts, so that you can choose, according to your tastes and needs, in the different options:

Healthy Menu:

The healthy breakfast that we propose is made up of: cold-pressed natural juice, homemade kefir, bowl of yogurt with fruit, muesli and chia, coffee and world infusions.

Posadero Menu:

The Posadero breakfast or menu consists of: cold-pressed natural juice, homemade kefir, artisanal breads with ham and cheese from the province of Córdoba and coffee or world infusions.

Tasting menu:

The breakfast or tasting menu consists of: cold-pressed natural juice, homemade kefir, bowl of yogurt and fruit, artisanal bread with ham and cheese or avocado and tomato, homemade dessert, coffee or world infusions.

Breakfast at Patio del Posadero

You also can give them.

These are our 3 proposals, and of course if you have any intolerance, allergy or preference, you just have to tell us, so that we can offer you what you need at all times.

And now that you know the details of the breakfasts at Patio del Posadero… are you coming to enjoy them?

Remember that you can come and taste them without staying with us, but coming to one of our rooms and not having a kiss for breakfast… it would be an incomplete experience.

We are waiting for you to enjoy peace, food and love.

It is not a house, it is not a hotel, it is Patio del Posadero (-:

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