6 reasons to visit Cordova in autumn

We love the fall of the leaves, the special smells of this stage that begins shortly, we love this season, that’s why we bring you 6 reasons why you should visit Córdoba in autumn.


Yes, because autumn is considered the second spring in Córdoba, and the temperatures in the city are very pleasant, the heat goes away and you want to go for a walk, and the nights invite you to put on a sleeve to enjoy the city, a dinner , an aperitif or whatever you like the most.

The cultural offer

Flora, Cosmopoética and other events that announce the arrival of autumn and that are particularly special, so do not hesitate to come, you will have more than one reason to enjoy visiting Córdoba in autumn.

The environment

With the drop in temperatures after the summer, there is a wonderful life on the street, you want to be on the terraces and enjoy conversations in charming corners.

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The landscapes

Without a doubt, visiting Córdoba in autumn is also wonderful for the landscapes it offers, with colors that make you fall in love, brown is the main protagonist, and the orange tones in trees and fauna of the city… It has a special romanticism.

The change

In autumn everything falls, everything begins to move, and that gives a special touch to the city, that is why the change is another reason to visit Córdoba in autumn. Change is always good, always positive.

The gastronomy

Of course, our kiss-breakfasts and gastronomy in general have changes, with new flavors and smells: pomegranate, walnuts, figs, quinces … the autumn fruits are simply wonderful.

Do you need more reasons? You are sure of them … and is that autumn is the perfect opportunity to travel, you breathe tranquility, calm and desire to change and start new projects, and what better project than a trip? Therefore, we are waiting for you.

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