It is the 2nd Anniversary of the Patio del Posadero and we would like to tell you something about it

Seems to be lie that 2 years already passed since we opened the doors of the Patio del Posadero. Today, 29th of March 2017 is the 2nd Anniversary of the Patio del Posadero and we have a lot to share with you.
That celebration was really special, surrounded by people we love with all our heart and showing with all our illusion each detail, stone, plant and flower that began to show its best finery…
And, as the 2nd Anniversary of Patio del Posadero is not everyday we will tell you a few things:


Thank you for trusting us, to all those people that decided to come to us without much references… THANK YOU very much…


Because one of the ideas to create the Patio was this word, family, to achieve all those who came to our beloved Patio feel at home… like their own families, we think that we achieved it.
And we share with each and every one of you just our family: Lisa, Jose, Ernesto, Seco … and each of you are just that, family for us.

Is it reciprocal?

segundo aniversario de Patio del Posadero


Because the Patio of the Innkeeper does not make sense without keeping the essence of the Patios of Cordoba, just that was another of our goals in building it … a Patio with all its color, its smells of flowers, its coexistence, its magic … and we love when, In the kisses are generated wonderful conversations, synergies, connections … just that is the essence of the Patios, that is one of the spells of the culture of Cordoba.

Charming Hotel Córdoba

And we have some other little things out there but we still cannot tell you. As we intend to continue celebrating anniversaries every day in our Patio, very soon we will tell you something special …
What have you felt in our Patio? What word would you add to these three?
Share the joy of having met with whom you most want (-;
We love you!

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