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Visit the Monumental Córdoba and all its richness.

At this point, although there are more corners, we believe that these are the essential Monuments to nourish you and discover all the value of the city of the 3 Cultures.


One of the most important points in the Culture and beauty of the Historic Center of the city, and also in the world. You will fall in love with its architecture and you will want to know all the stories that its walls enclose.

It was declared human heritage from the UNESCO in 1984.

Do not forget to buy your tickets in advance to avoid queques.

Visit Córdoba Espanha

Alcazar of the Catholic Monarch

The “Alcázar de los Reyes Católicos” is a palace-fortress away from the typological canons of the Arab defensive complexes.

It is a constructive challenge for the military architecture of the Christian reconquest in Córdoba.

This great construction encloses within its walls Roman, Visigoth and Arab remains. For centuries, the “Alcázar de los Reyes Católicos” was the favorite place to settle for the different governors of the city.

At this time it is necessary to reserve in advance your entrance,(it is not easy to manage, so we can help you during your check in)

Royal stables

The royal stables are also among the essentials of what to visit in Córdoba.

They contain tradition, shows and a beautiful building that is a witness to events, and even weddings. It is not surprising, because its beauty is immense.

You can enjoy one of the activities it proposes or simply take a walk through its corners.

Caballerizas reales Córdoba


Restored in 2018, and located in the Jewry Quarter, the Synagogue is another of the buildings that we always recommend visiting Córdoba.

The Synagogue of Córdoba was built between 1314 and 1315 and served as a temple until the definitive Jewish expulsion.

At present, it is the second most visited monument in the city, after the Mosque-Cathedral.

Check their schedules and enjoy it.

Synagogue Córdoba

Viana Palace

The Palacio de Viana is recognized as a National Historic-Artistic Monument and Artistic Garden.

This monument in the city of Córdoba boasts an enviable and wonderful environment and architecture.

Check their schedules and enjoy this beautiful Palace.

Palacio de Viana

Patios de San Basilio

The origin of the famous Patios de Córdoba is inside their courtyards, in the Barrio de San Basilio or Alcázar Viejo.

In the Patios de San Basilio you will find 10 wonderful patios that you cannot miss to discover one of the Cordovan pillars.

Don’t forget that in May we celebrate the Festival of the Cordovan Patios, declared human heritage from the UNESCO in 2012.

Patios de San Basilio

Archeological Museum

To know the history of a city, you have to visit its Museums, so do not miss a visit to the Archaeological Museum of Córdoba, it is essential.

Check their schedules and discover everything they teach you. You will also find  pieces found in the village of Jose’s family, Almedinilla.

Visit Córdoba

Medina Azahara

This wonderful Monument is located 8 kilometers from Córdoba and that is why we always recommend that you visit it the day you leave the city.

Its name contains a wonderful love story and its preservation will fascinate you.

It was declared human heritage from the Unesco in 2018.

Check their schedules before visiting (-:

Visit Córdoba and relax: activities that the “Posaderos” recommend:


If you want to enjoy a romantic, relaxing activity, you cannot miss the Arab Baths.

From Patio del Posadero we can manage the booking when you make the reservation, or you can reserve your tickets to the Hammam Al Ándalus yourself.

Flamenco mornings at Posada del Potro at 12 noon on Sunday

We always recommend this event on Sundays, to enjoy authentic flamenco in Posada del Potro. The “Posaderos” get away whenever we can.

Hours: 12 hours.

Price: free.

Horse show at the Royal Stables

As we have mentioned before, by attending the Royal Stables you can make a normal visit, or check schedules and enjoy an equestrian show.

espectáculo ecuestre

Night visit to the Mosque-Cathedral

If the Mosque-Cathedral is impressive by day, at night it shines a special magic, that is why we always recommend that you visit it at both times.

Check the schedules of the night visit “The Soul of Córdoba” and tell us later what you think about this activity.

Visit Córdoba through its gastronomy: what restaurants do we recommend?

The city of Cordoba has a spectacular and varied gastronomic offer.

Here you will find  a list of the restaurants where we like to go… but there are many more!

Tradicional Restaurants:

La Tinaja

Bodegas campos

Casa Pepe de la Judería

Taberna el número 10

Casa Rubio

La Montillana

Fusion Restaurant:

La Boca


La Furgo

Cocina 33

Matraca Bistro

El Bar de Paco Morales

Gourmet restaurants in Córdoba:


Terra Olea

La Cuchara de San Lorenzo

Recomiendo Restaurant

Michelin Restaurant in Córdoba:

Noor 1*

Choco 2**

Noor Restaurant

Gastronomy in Patio del Posadero

What do we prepare in our kitchen for you?

Be-sayunos (Breakfasts with love)

Made with top quality products, which you can enjoy whether you are staying with us or not, but always booking in advance:

You can also buy a breakfast gift card for someone special.

Cordoba gastronomy

Meals designed for you every day

We like to say, “like at your mother’s house”, because you will sit at the table and you will enjoy homemade food, according to the menu that we have thought that day, made with local and seasonal products.

Boutique Hotel Gastronomy

Appetizers: try our Spritz Aperol, a refreshing Piña colada, a spiced Gin Tonic or ask about our selection of natural wines and much more…

Gastronomic workshops: do you want to prepare the best pizza of your life? A focaccia? Here we teach you!

We  really enjoy preparing each dough that we bake for breakfast, lunch or brunch, so in this workshop we will teach you how to do it so you will be able to prepare it at home to surprise your Friends and family.

And if something is not on this list … ask and we will do our best to make your dreams come true, because we love to personalize your stay and, of course, make you feel at home or even better (-;

And remember, “it is not a house, it is not a hotel, it is Patio del Posadero”.


  • Kim Whitford says:

    Good afternoon, I wanted to enquire if you have any cooking classes in September available please?

    Thank you!

  • Shawn Zhang says:

    Staying at Hotel Boutique Patio del Posadero brought us the best experience ever in Andalusia.

    Both Lisa and Jose are very welcoming.
    The hospitality even started 2 days prior to our check in, and it carried on all the way through after leaving.
    With detailed introduction of hotel facilities/services as well as the local sightseeing spots, it certainly helped us to make good choices.

    Another highlight of Hotel Boutique Patio del Posadero is the food cooked by Jose.
    Not only you won’t be disappointed by the freshly prepared breakfast, but also the unmissable dinner you will have to try!

    As regards to the hotel itself, there is a well laid courtyard, a curvy stairs lead to a terrace with a pool, a L shape sofa, all look cozy and inviting!
    The guest room we stayed is uniquely designed by talented Jose and Lisa, plus the comfortable mattress, bed sheets, soft towels, surely it deserves the claim of “Boutique” .

    Personally we believe a good hotel with welcoming hosts can impact how we feel of the place where we visit.
    If you are going to visit Cordoba, we highly recommend Hotel Boutique Patio del Posadero!

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