Romantic Córdoba

Visit Córdoba and fall in love: activities that Lisa&Jose recommend:


If you want to delight yourself with a romantic, relaxing activity that has the tradition of one of the cultures of the city behind it, you cannot miss visiting the arab baths.

From patio del posadero we can manage everything for you when you make the reservation and enjoy this wonderful experience.

Massage in patio del posadero

A relaxing massage for 2 people, which can be performed in the living room (adapted for the moment)  or in the room. As you like.

Walk along the riverside when the sun sets

There is no walk that we like more at sunset than the ribera offers us when the sun goes down.

It is pleasant, beautiful, in a unique enclave, and you can also make a few stops along the way, enjoy a glass of wine, have an exquisite ice cream or go to the roman bridge and enjoy its views.

Mosque night show

If the cathedral mosque is special during the day, it is much more so at night, and it offers us a wonderful night show “El alma de córdoba”, with which you will enjoy the mosque in a special way.

Horse ride

A horseback ride can be another of the wonderful options that your romantic visit to córdoba offers you. You just have to ask us and we take care of managing it, we are local expert (-:

Romantic dinner in our of our recommended restaurants

All the restaurants that we recommend are our favorites in the city.

Remember that you can consult the gastronomic córdoba and follow our instructions (-;

Because living córdoba is living its gastronomy too.

Breakfast or brunch

Without a doubt, our breakfast or our brunch are one of our special points to live a romantic stay in the city.

You can have a look here to see what we offer.

besayunos románticos

Have a relaxing bath in our saltwater pool

We love that spring and summer arrive to make the most of our terrace-chill out area, where you disconnect and enjoy to the fullest.

You can enjoy a swim in our saltwater pool, which does not harm your skin and has relaxing benefits.

hotel con piscina de agua salada

Reading poetrys surrounded by blooming flowers

If there is something romantic and pleasant, it is to enjoy the Patio, full of flowers, with a romantic reading, or however you like, but it is an activity that relaxes you, with which you enjoy and also with a wonderful romantic touch.

Surely if you are a writer you get inspired (-;

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