Wine tasting in Córdoba


Wine tasting course with the best sumiller of Andalusia


10 sessions in total, which cannot be separated, that is, if you dare to enjoy it, you must do it in full, all of them guided by Mara de Miguel, considered the best sommelier in Andalusia.

The course will be done with a maximum of 10 people, to contemplate exclusivity and quality in all sessions.

When will the wine course in Córdoba be?
The dates are already closed and the sessions will take place in the months of January, February and March 2023, being Mondays at 7:00 p.m.:

January 2023:

January 16: Calibration of the palate

January 13: Learn to use the tasting sheets

January 30: Whites versus reds I

February 2023:

February 6: Young Whites vs. Aging Whites

February 13: Young reds versus aged reds

February 20: Whites versus reds II

March 2023:

March 6: Initiation to blind tasting

March 13: Initiation to white blind tasting

March 20: Initiation to the blind tasting of generous wines

March 27: Initiation to blind tasting red wines

In all sessions a minimum of 5 wines will be tasted


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