29 Nov

Halloween is coming! Prepare this recipe of Pumpkin cake!

Halloween is closed, what are you up to? It could be the perfect day to prepare some special recipes so today we are going to show you how to cook a pumpkin cake. Do you dare to make and decorate the house with motifs of Halloween to surprise the little ones? It is a yummy […]

29 Nov

How to make sweet potatos patties!

Happy friday! Another week to update our recipes, with typical cakes and great moments in the kitchen. For sure sometimes you wondered how to make sweet potatos patties, and for sure you will love them as we do. Today we will show you how to cook this sweet recipe at home. What ingredients to use: […]

15 Nov

What is the recipe of white chocolate muffins? Irresistible

It is an authentic luxury reinventing something every day, that is why we are always looking for new delights to enjoy during the breakfast. Today we are going to share with you the recipe of white chocolate muffins, an authentic bomb of experience and flavors. It is an easy and different recipe and everyone will […]

9 Jun

The 5 best taverns of Córdoba (-:

A fresh beer, your favourite refreshing and the aperitive with it, cordovan habits that we love, that we like to share with friends, and for these reasons today we introduce you a route for the 5 best taverns of Córdoba. Apart from amazing night routes, Cordoba has a special route of taverns that we love […]

3 Jun

Enjoy the smallest hotel in Córdoba

Perfumes, details, air fresheners… an endless number of features that are included in small jars … because just today we come to talk about the smallest hotel in Córdoba. Yes, Patio del Posadero is the smallest charming lodging in the town, and in part we love it, because we look at the small details and […]

27 May

History of Medina Azahara, reasons to visit it

It is well known the Mosque of Córdoba, in previous occasions we told you its history and all the reasons to visit it but if you really want a full immersion of Córdoba you need to know the history of Medina Azahara, visit it and fell in love with each of its corners. The history […]

16 May

5 legends of Córdoba that will make you come back to visit it

More than 2,200 years of history, the passage of numerous civilizations and the culture of each one of them has made that the legends of Córdoba are very numerous. Would like to know any of them? Today we are going to tell 5 of them we like the most. Tunnel between the Mezquita and Medina […]

22 Apr

The typical plates of Cordoba, you need to try them all

Do you come to enjoy Cordoba? In one of your visit for sure you would like to try the culinary customs, that’s why you can’t miss note ven one of the typical plates of Córdoba. The Salmorejo, without doubt one of the best typical plates of Córdoba What does it have so special that all […]

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