Enjoy our hotel with a pool in Córdoba, and much more!

It is hot and our city reaches high temperatures in the summer, but when we design our Patio del Posadero we precisely think of this thermometer and that is why our terrace is designed so that you can enjoy a pool that offers immense possibilities. Welcome to our hotel with a pool in Córdoba!

Much more than a hotel with a pool in Córdoba

Yes, we do not want you to feel that you are coming to a hotel with a pool in Córdoba, since this small corner of water is designed to enjoy life with endless options that we tell you in this post.

hotel with a pool in Córdoba

Benefits of the Patio del Posadero pool

Yes, take note of all the options that our Patio del Posadero offers you in the hottest months of the year, without leaving our accommodation, enjoying and resting every minute:

  1. Upgraded and restored to an Ibizan style
  2. Saltwater pool for the well-being of the skin
  3. Small and very cared for every day
  4. Surrounded by nature since you are in the middle of the Patio-Terrace that we always have full of life

hotel with a pool salade in Córdoba


Activities that you can enjoy in our pool

The Patio del Posadero pool is designed to enjoy wonderful moments, so that you feel at home, with immense possibilities:

  1. Enjoy a very special brunch or lunch, always made by us, and which can be personalized, depending on what you indicate in the reservation.
  2. Tasting breakfasts, as special as every day, always made with care and love, and personalized according to your instructions: anniversary, birthday, vegetarian, celiac …
  3. Aperitifs for two people, or for a small group, always respecting the limited capacity, to enjoy in a special way at vermouth time.
  4. All inclusive: the pool at Patio del Posadero just for you, with bar and food service
  5. All inclusive top: the entire Patio del Posadero just for you, with bar service and food
  6. Unforgettable photos: would you like to reserve our space for a memorable photo session? Wedding, Communion, Personal Book, Pre-wedding, Post-wedding, Fashion… whatever you want!

boutique hotel in Córdoba

If we miss any idea that you have in mind, and that you would like to make a reality in our Patio, you just have to consult it so that we can make it come true and tailor it.

We are so in love with our corner that we only think of ideas and concepts so that you can enjoy it to the fullest (-:

Do you want to make your reservation or ask us any questions?

Phone: +34 957 94 17 33 Whatsapp: +34 693 56 12 70

Email: info@patiodelposadero.com

Remember that our hotel with a pool in Córdoba is not a house, it is not a hotel, it is Patio del Posadero (-:

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