Gastronomical Córdoba

Gastronomical Córdoba


Visiting Córdoba through its gastronomy: what restaurants do we recommend?

The city of Córdoba has a wide and delicious gastronomic offer.

Below you will find a list of the Restaurants we like to go to the most, but there are many more (-:

Traditional gastronomic corners:

Bodegas Campos

Casa Pepe de la Judería

Taberna el número 10

Casa Rubio

La Montillana

Restaurantes en Córdoba

Restaurants that MIX traditional cuisine with modern cuisine:

La Boca

Cocina 33


La Furgo

Matraca Bistro

El Bar de Paco Morales

Gourmet restaurants in Cordoba:


In addition, you can enjoy twice as much if you get the Re-Posa Card, a very pleasant experience.

Terra Olea

La Cuchara de San Lorenzo

Periko Ortega Restaurante

Michelin Star Experience In Córdoba:

Noor: 2 **

Choco: 1 *

Noor Restaurante Córdoba

Gastronomy in Patio del Posadero

And at this point… what do we offer you in the gastronomic theme?


Made with care and with top quality products, which you can enjoy whether or not you are staying with us, but always with prior reservation:

  • on the phone 957 94 17 33
  • through Whatsapp on 693 561 270
  • or in the email

You can also make a breakfast gift card for someone special.

desayunos en Patio del Posadero
Meals designed every day for you

And we like to title them, “like at mom’s or grandma’s house”, because you will sit at the table and enjoy homemade food, made on the day and according to the menu that we have thought of that day, according to the quality product and the moment.

comida en Patio del Posadero

Appetizers: try our Spritz Aperol, a refreshing Sangria or ask about our selection of local wines and much more (-:

COOKING CLASSES: Do you want to prepare the best pizza of your life? A focaccia? Here we teach you!

And if something is not on this list… ask and we will do our best to make your dreams come true, because we love to personalize your stay and, of course, make you feel at home or even better (-;

masas de pizza y pan en Patio del Posadero

And it is that we enjoy preparing each dough that we make for breakfast and brunch, so in a workshop like this we will teach you how to do it to always enjoy it at home, to surprise your family and friends.

And remember, “it is not a house, it is not a hotel, it is Patio del Posadero”.

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