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20 Jun

Enjoy our hotel with a pool in Córdoba, and much more!

It is hot and our city in the summer time reaches high temperatures, but when we designed our Patio del Posadero we precisely thought of about it and therefore our terrace is designed with a pool that you can enjoy and that offers immense possibilities. Patio del Posadero is covid free hotel in Córdoba (-: […]

30 May

Covid Free Hotel in Córdoba

We are looking forward to tell you many news, since the state of alarm was decreed in our country, we have not stopped thinking and reinventing ourselves so that, on our return, everything would be the best possible, both for us and for you. But we will start in parts, and today’s post is dedicated […]

7 Sep

Chocolate and mint cake, delicious!

Enjoy to make at home this recipe of chocolate and mint cake, include in our special and lovely breakfast: Ingredients of chocolate and mint cake: – 130 gr. cream cheese – 1 egg – 40 gr white sugar – 10 g mint leaves (cutted) – Chocolate chips Ingredients for the base of chocolate and mint […]

29 Aug

Peach and crocanti almond cake (gluten free)

A delicious recipe with peach and almond… amazing! Ingredients of Peach and crocanti almond cake For the base: – 3 eggs – 100gr of sugar – 100gr of rice flour – 75ml of sunflower oil For the cake: – 700 g of ripe peaches – Half pot of peach jam – 200 ml cream (gluten […]

19 Jun

Zucchini and dark chocolate vegan brownie

A new recipe to enjoy cooking, to remember our breakfast: zucchini and dark chocolate vegan brownie. Ingredients of zucchini and dark chocolate vegan brownie – 200 gr grated zucchini – 100 gr wheat flour – 100 gr wholemeal flour – 30 gr cocoa powder (pure 70%) – 170 gr sugar – A spoonful of vanilla […]

8 Jun

Why do we love so much our Patio del Posadero?

We try to reflect the love we feel for our Patio del Posadero every day and in every moment, and it has really been a dream come true to put it into practise since we began to dream the idea several years ago… But we really have a secret that is what drives us, which […]

8 Jun

What are the superaliments? You will want to include it in your day by day

We love taking care of ourselves, we try to be always updated about the alimentation and everything taht bring us benefits, that is why today we are going to talk about superaliments. You may think about Superman or Spiderman when we talk about superaliments but they are aliments or ingredients that have rich properties for […]

7 Jun

The best villages of Cordoba

The capital of Cordoba is a real wonder but, did you discover the province? Today you will discover the best villages of Cordoba.  It has many gifts to offer you and that is why today we are going on a route through the best villages of Cordoba, specifically the area of the Subbetica, since there […]

5 Apr

Córdoba in Azahar, a project that you will love

Without any doubts spring has its own name and is called Córdoba, it is the most wonderful season to live in the city, and that is why today we want to tell you about a wonderful project that takes place from the 1st to 30th of April: Cordoba in Orange blossom, Córdoba in Azahar What […]

29 Mar

It is the 2nd Anniversary of the Patio del Posadero and we would like to tell you something about it

Seems to be lie that 2 years already passed since we opened the doors of the Patio del Posadero. Today, 29th of March 2017 is the 2nd Anniversary of the Patio del Posadero and we have a lot to share with you. That celebration was really special, surrounded by people we love with all our […]