Category Events in Córdoba

15 Apr

Patios de Córdoba 2022, the event you can never miss

It is said that after the storm there is always calm, so we are happy to know that this year we will be able to enjoy one of the most special events that exist. Welcome to the Patios de Córdoba 2022. When are the Patios of Córdoba 2022? And it is that there is only […]

13 Aug

Stay in Córdoba

Visit the Monumental Córdoba and all its richness. At this point, although there are more corners, we believe that these are the essential Monuments to nourish you and discover all the value of the city of the 3 Cultures. Mosque-Cathedral One of the most important points in the Culture and beauty of the Historic Center […]

7 Jun

The best villages of Cordoba

The capital of Cordoba is a real wonder but, did you discover the province? Today you will discover the best villages of Cordoba.  It has many gifts to offer you and that is why today we are going on a route through the best villages of Cordoba, specifically the area of the Subbetica, since there […]

5 Apr

Córdoba in Azahar, a project that you will love

Without any doubts spring has its own name and is called Córdoba, it is the most wonderful season to live in the city, and that is why today we want to tell you about a wonderful project that takes place from the 1st to 30th of April: Cordoba in Orange blossom, Córdoba in Azahar What […]

17 Jan

The Mosque of Córdoba, world environmental reference

It is always a great pleasure to talk about the Mosque of Córdoba and even more when it is for reference at worldwide level, an example as the following. The Mosque of Córdoba is one of the few worldwide monumental examples that uses only renewable energy, in its case a sustainable energy which is positive […]

30 Nov

Game of Thrones in Córdoba

We are in love with Cordoba and there is no doubt but apparently we are not the only ones, the capital as the province are becoming fashionable. Why from the 4th until the 16th of November Game of Thrones will take place in Córdoba? Today we are going to give you all the answers. Why […]

30 Nov

Flamenco Mornings in Córdoba, enjoy it in November

If you are a flamenco lover and you would like to enjoy it in a special way today we are going to talk about a wonderful event, the flamenco mornings in Córdoba, an experience that you will remember, the town is one of the best cradles of the art of flamenco. The one that was […]

9 Jun

The 5 best taverns of Córdoba (-:

A fresh beer, your favourite refreshing and the aperitive with it, cordovan habits that we love, that we like to share with friends, and for these reasons today we introduce you a route for the 5 best taverns of Córdoba. Apart from amazing night routes, Cordoba has a special route of taverns that we love […]

3 Jun

Enjoy the smallest hotel in Córdoba

Perfumes, details, air fresheners… an endless number of features that are included in small jars … because just today we come to talk about the smallest hotel in Córdoba. Yes, Patio del Posadero is the smallest charming lodging in the town, and in part we love it, because we look at the small details and […]

27 May

History of Medina Azahara, reasons to visit it

It is well known the Mosque of Córdoba, in previous occasions we told you its history and all the reasons to visit it but if you really want a full immersion of Córdoba you need to know the history of Medina Azahara, visit it and fell in love with each of its corners. The history […]