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8 Apr

Ecological breakfast in Córdoba: taking care of you

There is a basic rule in food: what is good for your health is also good for the environment, and under this premise we offer our organic breakfast in Córdoba 🙂 We want to offer you to start the morning with energy, good vibrations, health and giving your body what suits it best, that’s why […]

27 Aug

Breakfasts at Patio del Posadero: if you don’t have breakfast, it is like you would’t have stayed

Today we come to tell you all about the breakfasts at Patio del Posadero, a gastronomic experience without which your visit to our corner would be orphaned of flavor and meaning. We insist so much that you should try and enjoy breakfasts, because we know that when you taste them … you will fall in […]

13 Aug

Stay in Córdoba

Visit the Monumental Córdoba and all its richness. At this point, although there are more corners, we believe that these are the essential Monuments to nourish you and discover all the value of the city of the 3 Cultures. Mosque-Cathedral One of the most important points in the Culture and beauty of the Historic Center […]

7 Sep

Chocolate and mint cake, delicious!

Enjoy to make at home this recipe of chocolate and mint cake, include in our special and lovely breakfast: Ingredients of chocolate and mint cake: – 130 gr. cream cheese – 1 egg – 40 gr white sugar – 10 g mint leaves (cutted) – Chocolate chips Ingredients for the base of chocolate and mint […]

29 Aug

Peach and crocanti almond cake (gluten free)

A delicious recipe with peach and almond… amazing! Ingredients of Peach and crocanti almond cake For the base: – 3 eggs – 100gr of sugar – 100gr of rice flour – 75ml of sunflower oil For the cake: – 700 g of ripe peaches – Half pot of peach jam – 200 ml cream (gluten […]

19 Jun

Zucchini and dark chocolate vegan brownie

A new recipe to enjoy cooking, to remember our breakfast: zucchini and dark chocolate vegan brownie. Ingredients of zucchini and dark chocolate vegan brownie – 200 gr grated zucchini – 100 gr wheat flour – 100 gr wholemeal flour – 30 gr cocoa powder (pure 70%) – 170 gr sugar – A spoonful of vanilla […]

8 Jun

What are the superaliments? You will want to include it in your day by day

We love taking care of ourselves, we try to be always updated about the alimentation and everything taht bring us benefits, that is why today we are going to talk about superaliments. You may think about Superman or Spiderman when we talk about superaliments but they are aliments or ingredients that have rich properties for […]

17 Jan

Córdoba Califato Gourmet and its Gastronomic Wonders

Córdoba stands out its gastronomy, you already know that the posaderos are in love with each of every plates even if we always prefer a good salmorejo. Córdoba Califato Gourmet is an exhibition of the gastronomic richness of the town, an event that reunites the most delicious cordovan plates. Córdoba Califato Gourmet was born in […]

2 Dec

The best recipe of the world, authentic Cordovan Salmorejo (-:

For sure during your visit to Córdoba you heard about gastronomy, before coming you looked for the typical dishes and all the ones you need to try if you come and the main dish is the authentic cordovan salmorejo. But which is the original recipe and when I leave Córdoba how can I cook it? […]

30 Nov

Recipe of Tenerina, the best chocolate delight ever (-:

The Tenerina recipe is one of the desserts that we love most, today Lisa will tell us everything about this fantastic chocolate cake for you to enjoy it at home, to be one of your favorite desserts recipe. Ferrara, a city in the north of Italy where a dessert was born for the chocolate lovers, […]