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6 Ago

Visitar Córdoba: descubre la ciudad infinita

Siempre, a vuestra llegada os decimos: necesitas mínimo 2 días para visitar Córdoba, es la ciudad infinita. Por eso, has llegado al lugar correcto si quieres saber qué hacer en la ciudad con 4 Patrimonios Mundiales de la UNESCO y descubrir así la ciudad infinita, porque te ofrece todas las opciones que puedas imaginar. Quédate en […]

2 May

Patios of Córdoba 2017, ley yourself fall in the magic!

From the 2 nd to the 14 th of May you can enjoy one of the biggest festivals in May, enjoy for two weeks the Patios de Córdoba 2017 and fall in love with the city in all its splendor. Next, we will give you all the details of the Patios de Córdoba 2017 so […]

22 Mar

Visiting Córdoba as a couple, a wonderful experience

Paris is famous to be the city of love, but if we inquire a little we realize that Córdoba offers us as many possibilities as Paris to celebrate love, to visit it as a couple and enjoy its enchantment, the city where many loves were made. Visiting Córdoba as a couple is amazing. ESSENTIAL PLACES […]